We understand that your organization’s fundraising goal is to make as much money as possible. That is why we have successfully implemented our risk-free auction service. There are no fees and no hidden charges. In a nutshell, here is how our service works:

Prior to Your Event

A member of our staff will contact you to discuss what types of items would be most successful with your guests. As there are no service fees—we don’t make money unless you make money—so we are motivated to provide you with the items that hold the best chance of success.

After acquiring the items best suited for your organization, we will provide a list which will include an item description, a reserve price, a suggested starting bid price, and an approximate value—-all the information you need to make your bid sheets.

A member of Knockout Sports Promotions will always be available to answer any questions as well as offer suggestions on displaying, handling, and receiving our items to ensure that they remain in tip-top condition.

During Your Event

Utilize our items in your silent and live auctions and watch as your guests are amazed and your auction proceeds soar!

Because you will always start the bidding higher than the reserve price, it is guaranteed that your organization will profit from the very first bid. With this system in place, there is absolutely no risk and your fundraising potential is endless!

After your Event

We will invoice you for the reserve price of all sold items. Anything that was not successfully bid on at your event can be sent back to Knockout Sports Promotions. You only pay for the items that were purchased at your event. No risk, no fees, no charges!



• Adds an extra steam of revenue that wouldn’t otherwise be captured—most of our purchasers are men—that aren’t coming in on a budget (if they want other auction items, they get them), not interested in other auction offerings, and specifically interested in the types of items we provide

• Shouldn’t compete with items 100% donated

• Brings a higher caliber of item that typically isn’t donated free and clear

• Makes auction more exciting, creates “WOW factor”

• Makes auction look more professional

• Many of your patrons go to multiple fundraisers, why shouldn’t it be your organization that captures

their dollar


We already have a lot of great items donated.”


• Higher Caliber of item than what has been donated free and clear

• Higher Bidding Ceiling than donated items

• Creates stream of revenue that may not be captured with donated items

I don’t want consignment items to take away money that donors may spend on items we have gotten free and clear.”


• Should NOT compete with anything you have solicited.

• Typically, a higher priced item, thus not targeting bidders coming in on budget. This bidder is typically able to purchase both (consignment and non-consignment items) if they choose.

• Creates stream of revenue that may not be captured with donated items

Our patrons think 100% of the proceeds go toward our organization”

It takes money to make money! You are spending money on several things to create an environment conducive to raising money. Venue, Food, Alcohol, Auctioneer, Auction Software—to name a few—auction items should be no different.

It’s not in our budget.”

Consignment companies don’t get paid unless their items actually sell at your event. If you start the bidding of consignment items above the consignment price, there is no way you can lose money on them. The point of fundraising events is to raise as much money as possible for the organization. Consignment allows you to do this while taking no risk whatsoever. If something doesn’t sell, you aren’t out a penny.